Truthborn is a place for seekers of God to find resources in their pursuit of truth. With a mission derived from James 1:18, we seek to be made a new creation, born through the word of truth.

“He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.” James 1:18

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Interview on Open Theism on Elmo’s World Podcast

I had the pleasure of being invited on the Elmo’s World Podcast to discuss Open Theism. I hadn’t heard of the podcast before bumping into Elmo Ador via Facebook, but he’s had some really interesting guests, including philosophers R.T. Mullins and Jeffrey Koperski.

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Starships and Theodicy

I’ve been reflecting on the stunning accomplishment of landing the most recent Mars rover with that “sky crane”, and the way reliability of the natural order leads us to answers about God and theodicy.

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Restitutio Interview – Why God Allows Suffering 2

Part 2 of my interview on Sean Finnegan’s Restitutio podcast, covering evil, suffering, and hiddenness. Hopefully we pull together the strings of the first episode, and offer a holistic approach to answering these objections to God as powerful, wise, and good, in the face of the suffering world we experience.

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